Providing Support to Families of Children with Special Needs

I advocate for your child by helping you

Avoid school system anxiety

Skillfully navigate the school system

Get the education your child deserves

What Parents Are Saying

“Kim was absolutely amazing.  She accompanied us to ensure that our son was given every opportunity possible to succeed. Kim not only exceeded our expectations, but she went the extra mile by advocating on our behalf."

Darnell & Antranette 

Peoria, Arizona

"Kim has played an immense role in our child’s successes not only academically, but socially & emotionally... Kim has been a blessing...we feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to work with her"

Tara Hatfield

Litchfield, Arizona

"When we hired Kimberly we were able to gain control back. She not only helped us stand our ground and fight for our son, but she truly understood what we needed to be fighting for (even when we didn't). I only wish we had found her sooner."

Jennifer Kennedy

Phoenix, Arizona

Education Advocate Services

I provide education advocate services for special education, gifted education, twice exceptional, and military families.  My goal is for your child to receive the educational placement that they are entitled to.  

Records Review

We conduct a comprehensive records review to fully understand your child's unique educational history. 


Sometimes you need in-the-moment advice.  Phone consultations are available to discuss your child's education concerns.

Meeting Attendance

We attend meetings with you to advocate for your child’s appropriate individual education.

Why you need an education advocate

Are special education laws and school procedures causing you anxiety and frustration?  If so, you are not alone. 

Your child's education and future are important.  If your child is experiencing barriers that minimize his or her learning potential, it may be time to seek the help of an education advocate. 

If that is you, I know how to navigate the school system, avoid the pain of feeling powerless at a school meeting, and how to best help your child.  

Your education advocate question 500 x 300

Have a question?

Not sure where to turn or how to proceed?  Believe me. I understand.  You are not alone.  It is the exact same feeling that so many parents have before we talk.  If that describes your current situation, just click below to setup your free, no hassle consultation.  

The service you deserve

Every child is different, and that is what makes them special.  I want to make sure those differences are treated appropriately.  Because your child deserves the right placement, the right education, at the right time. 

Get help for your child today!

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